Discussions with Kevin Kwock

The following is the record of an interview with 4th year CWRU student Kevin Kwock. He’s currently working on his B.S.E. Engineering Physics and music performance degree, B.A. Music – Piano and Harpsichord

1. Can you take me through what research you’ve done/ are currently working on?

I am currently working with Dr. Kash and Dr. Chottiner on a research project regarding crystal ordering in ternary semiconductors. Specifically, ZnSnSb2 has interesting crystal structure near its phase transition temperature; understanding the anion-cation ordering of semiconductors may provide new insights into other families of ternary semiconductors in the same class. In addition to my university research, some of my previous research has been on studying self-assembling ionic liquids and how we can adapt these unique assembled structures to photonic applications.

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Discussions with an Undergraduate Researcher

The following is the record of an interview with 4th year CWRU student Tori Hamilton. She’s getting ready to graduate with her degree in Sociology:

Can you take me through what research you’ve done/ are currently working on?

Last semester I completed my capstone project titled “Restaurants, Re-Entry, and Recidivism: A Qualitative Analysis of Cleveland’s Re-Entry Programs,” which was a series of interviews I conducted with individuals working on re-entry programs as well as hiring formerly incarcerated people. In total, I interviewed two individuals working in Cleveland for culinary training programs that work with formerly/currently incarcerated individuals, and two employers in the area–one of which runs a restaurant. I looked to better understand the roles that these programs took on, and how they functioned within Cleveland’s community. Continue reading “Discussions with an Undergraduate Researcher”

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