Editorial Board Contacts

Contact members of the Editorial Board with any questions you may have regarding the journal. Our board works very hard to maintain the integrity, content, and quality of Discussions. Each board member oversees an integral part of Discussions and would be happy to answer any questions or describe the details of their position and its responsibilities. If you are interested in joining Discussions, please consult our Get Involved page for more details.

Editor-in-Chief: Zahin Islam zahin.islam@case.edu
Managing Editor: Rebecca Wilcox rebecca.wilcox@case.edu
Assistant Director of Layout: Neel Agarwal neel.agarwal@case.edu
Assistant Director of Design: Akshaya Ramakrishnan akshaya.ramakrishnan@case.edu
Director of Content: Michael Gabe michael.gabe@case.edu
Assistant Director of Content: Isabella Genuario isabella.genuario@case.edu
Director of Review: Ryan Tatton ryan.tatton@case.edu
Assistant Director of Review: Joshua Freeze joshua.freeze@case.edu
Assistant Director of Review: Aayushi Chechi aayushi.chechi@case.edu
Director of Business: Peter Chmiel peter.chmiel@case.edu
Assistant Director of Business: Anjali Raju anjali.raju@case.edu
Director of Public Relations: Rebecca Wilcox rebecca.wilcox@case.edu
Director of Information: Evan Vesper evan.vesper@case.edu