How to Get Involved

Review Committee

The Review team is responsible for determining which submissions Discussions should publish. A double-blinded peer-review process that considers the quality of both writing and research is employed to ensure that all aspects of a submission are considered. All peer reviewers are undergraduate students with diverse academic backgrounds. In addition to carrying out the peer review process, members of the Review team also interview CWRU faculty regarding their research. If you would like to be a reviewer please email with the subject, “Reviewer Interest.”

Content Committee

Once accepted by Review, submissions are given to Content to do the heavy-lifting. Copyeditors work as a unit and are responsible for renovating the journal’s verbatim. This includes, but is not limited to, reformatting an article’s structure, polishing and enhancing language, and updating the paper to fit APA standards. Team members read through each article to suggest improvements to the Director of Content. The team often grows passionate about an article, which makes discussions about suggestions the most enjoyable aspect of Content.

Copyediting is extremely rewarding, especially in the environment that Discussions creates. To join the team, please email the Director Natalie Zajczenko at or Assistant Director Mia George at

Public Relations/ Information Committee

These committee members assist the Director of Public Relations and Director of Information. They manage our website and presence on social media, advertise, and distribute our journal. For those wanting to work on the website, previous knowledge of web programming languages (HTML, CSS, javascript, XML, etc.) is not required, but is highly encouraged. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and have creative control. If you are interested in becoming a PR Committee member please email with the subject, “PR Committee Interest.”

Layout/Design Committee

In addition to publishing top-quality undergraduate research, Discussions is known for its stunning presentation and visuals. Our organization would be unable to operate without a dedicated team of graphic designers, artists, and photographers! Students receive training for Adobe Suite programs and work in a collaborative environment to produce our journals and other relevant content. To join the layout team, please email our Assistant Director of Layout Alekhya Vadlakonda, at!